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Awaken Your Excellency


Awaken Your Excellency 

Discover your talents and put them at your service – New edition revised and updated

Eric Paz de la Parra

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Book – 184 Pages 
Size: 17×24 
Year: 2009 
Average ratings (8 votes total): **** 

Every person has within itself the resources to improve their lives. What we often do not know is how to use them! 

The times we are living lead us to accomplish great and continuous change, but we are not always able to confront and overcome them as we wish because we insist on making use of old skills and habits, just in the past, inadequate for the present, fatal to future of prosperity to which each of us aspires. 

One of the most effective and popular routes in the world to awaken our excellence is the NLP technique further refined by an extraordinary teachers like Eric Paz de la Parra that over the years has been able to make it more concrete, practical and easy to understand. 

This book, which collects the valuable lessons provided by the author during his popular seminars, shows how it is in everyone’s ability to awaken the excellence of the unconscious mind, use the intelligence to exploit to the full and perceptive and aware of the many virtues of human potential , placing them in his service. 

Through exercises, discussions, examples and summary tables will instantly and easily understand how many different ways we communicate, what is the relationship between conscious and unconscious mind as influencing others, and because of who we fall in love, how to introduce stability in our life thoughts, beliefs, and positive results and how this affects the results we can achieve in every area of our lives. 

Eric Paz de la Parra – E ‘a researcher and president of Colinde Group, which manages programs for the development of quality and excellence. Graduated with honors in Communications and Public Relations at the University Latin American, and Psychology at the State University of California, won several Masters in Human Resources Administration and Management. In addition to a doctorate in psychology from Cambridge University, is an instructor of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and quick learning.