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Bank Operations and Administrative Desk Reference


If you are the bank’s senior administrator you wear many hats. In addition to a myriad of administrative, operations, and management responsibilities, you must keep up with a vast number of statutes and regulations. Now there’s a single, authoritative resource that gives you clear,  for managing all the functional areas of your responsibility — Sheshunoff’s Bank Operations and Administration Desk Reference.


To make it easy to find and implement the best practices for every part of your job, this manual is organized by function. Here is a summary of these functions:

    * Executive Administration (Senior administrator procedures, model policy statements, risk management, bank insurance management, bank security administration, IRR and liquidity management, budgeting, records management, etc.)
    * Bank Operations Management (Deposit systems, legal processes, managing the customer service department, paying and receiving, ATM admin, collections, proof of deposit, etc.)
    * Regulatory Compliance (BSA, AML, USA PATRIOT Act, Safeguarding customer information, privacy, CRA, HR compliance management, Check 21, FACT Act, etc.)
    * Human Resource Management (Human resources management procedures, salary administration, performance management, a model HR policy manual, model HR forms, etc.)
    * Board of Directors Support (Secretary to the board procedures, board meetings management, board committees management, a model code of ethics, etc.)
    * Planning and Budgeting (How to develop a strategic plan, a model strategic plan, developing a financial plan, developing a budget, contingency planning, etc.)
    * Training and Personnel Development (Training management, training support material, a model customer relations handbook for employees, etc.)

To get your own copy of this unique, comprehensive guide just for bank cashiers and senior administrators, please call 800-456-2340, or click above to order.