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What is and what is it for the SQL

Network applications are becoming more numerous and versatile. In many cases, the basic scheme of operation is a...

posted on: Jul 16, 2009 | author: Earl

The key words of SQL

HTML clipboard Words reserved SQL Forgot reserved  SQL 92  SQL 99 SQL: 2003 SQL: 2008 ABS     YES...

posted on: Jul 29, 2008 | author: Earl

The future of SQL: 3 SQL, XML, XQL

HTML clipboard 1. A brief presentation of SQL 3 The filing of the standard of the new version of SQL, SQL entitled 3...

posted on: Jul 29, 2008 | author: Earl

Mistakes SQL most frequent

1. The names of objects SQL I have given explicit names to my tables and columns, and I am encountering problems...

posted on: Jun 4, 2008 | author: Earl

The art of “Soundex”

Preamble The term Soundex dates back to 1918. The first algorithm of this type was invented by Margaret O’Dell...

posted on: Jun 4, 2008 | author: Earl


Preamble NOTE: The structure of sample database and a version of the main bases used are available in the "The...

posted on: Jun 3, 2008 | author: Earl

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