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Display brightness of the sun


They prefer to spend your evenings in front of the PC rather than in addition to the wife sitting on the couch? Now you can continue to communicate with their beloved secretary over the Internet and thus not hurt their eyes in the morning, there is the software Fl.ux. Fl.ux automatically changes according to time of day the lighting of the monitor. 

Ideal for "I-never-sleep" or even "I-am-married-with-the-PC" people. 

Clock in the morning around 9 so we have a normally strong lighting. In the afternoon, where it is then too dark outside, the lighting display will change slowly, and should you decide to go late in the evening to turn on the PC, it will not immediately blinded. 

flux Mini is a great software, which automatically moves along in the background. Simply the precise location (longitude and latitude of deposit) and have the software automatically adapts to the sun.