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Drupal – Community Websites develop and administer



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Community Websites develop and administer with the open SOURCE CMS
It goes in this book primarily around the common administration of contents with the open SOURCE software Drupal in the version 4.7. History, the installation, the operation and the extension of the system covers. They become acquainted with the project Drupal – a data base-based content management Framework, written in PHP – from many sides. The author naherbringt the structures and possibilities of Drupal to you, so that you can realise your ideas with Drupal.

The book addresses itself to a broad target group of humans, who are interested in content management, Community Building and Social software. The really interesting are the structures of Drupal, which can illustrate infinite variety of application type. If one, as the author writes, over open SOURCE software, describes one things and connections, which are publicly accessible for each humans.

As beginners, Mustier, curious or also customer, programmers or an editor you do not have usually the time, itself into complex applications such as Drupal, Joomla, to train Mambo or Typo3 and times evenly XHTML, CSS, to learn PHP and various standards. Here you find a founded entrance into the subject. If you look for Insiderwissen in this book, lie however wrongly. Rather engage in so a case in the Drupal Community and place yourselves you there the correct questions. And with this book author would like to make Hagen count Sie fit for it that you are after the reading among other things able, to place the correct questions.

On the book CD
if you find 30 apart from a day test version of Macromedias Dreamweaver 8 naturally Drupal 4,7, which browser Mozilla Firefox for Windows/Mac OS X, xampplite, the Drupal Theme generator for MS Excel (starting from version 97), the Favicon editor as well as all modules, extensions and Themes described in the book.