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Among the functional elements related to the organization of the
technological resources of a center are:

– The catalog of curriculum materials. Curricular materials, along with teaching
guides and other supplementary materials, it must be properly labeled and stored
to facilitate teachers’ work in search of materials applicable to their

The classification system should be simple and clear. The cards cataloging of
curriculum materials have to offer two types of statements:

– General description of material: title, area, objectives, target, description,

– Technical and pedagogical evaluation: information of the most positive and
most negative.

– The schedule and rules of resource use. An indispensable element for the
management of technological resources of a center is the schedule for use of
facilities and materials will be built according to the requests of teachers and
placed in a conspicuous place.

Also be essential rules of resource use, which among others shall.

– Priorities to use the facilities and resources.

– The rules for the use of resource rooms.
– The procedures for collecting and returning materials, and to report
– The roles and responsibilities of the coordinators.

– The tabs on inventory and maintenance of resources and incident book.
For each
of the technologies they will have an inventory sheet that will gather
characteristics of the materials and consumables used (fuses, lamps

There will also be keeping a tab where faults will be noted that each
device has
the date and cost of repair.

– Book of incidents. It is a book located at the resource rooms where
and support staff and students recorded:

– The faults and shortcomings they observe.

– The outputs of the resource materials and their subsequent return

In this way the coordinators, who reviewed this book every day, can
appropriate action immediately to repair the equipment.

– Briefings and training. These sessions, which can be done monthly,
have a
threefold purpose:

– Show the teachers how they can use various technological resources

– Report of new resources and curriculum materials purchased by the
– To exchange experiences on the use of various teaching materials.

– Continuous Advisory Service. To facilitate teachers’ use of
resources, it would be appropriate at all times the center could someone
teachers in front of the concrete problems that arise.