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Google Profiles are used to OpenID


From now on is Google’s service profile, Google Profiles usable as an OpenID endpoint. Previously it was only possible as the official OpenID endpoint google /accounts/o8/id enter. The whole thing was hard to remember, unfortunately. 


The typing has not changed, unfortunately, but rather worse, if it emanates from the following example: Suppose a user max.mustermann Google Profiles. The OpenID endpoint would be loud then google profiles/max.mustermann. Easy to remember with certainty. 

It would be better but google max.mustermann. But has the disadvantage that each then (the Google username and then the familiar Gmail address). Optionally you can also switch to a combination of numbers: google profiles/1234543211234 there would be such an example. Disadvantage: note again impossible. It would be good if we could work with an alias and it would not have to modify their own profile complete address. 

What is also still missing) is a real possibility Administration (authorization settings. Without this OpenID issue makes no sense. And a single password for all Google services is also a high security risk.