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How Automatic Door Operators Can Help With Cold Chain Process

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Automatic Trailer Door OperatorsFresh food products, vaccines, certain chemicals, flowers in a bouquet, even the ice-cream on your cone today-all are transferred in wide-ranging environments between the manufacturing facility and end user. Specialized cold storage doors are vital to preserving the unique storage and handling needs of specific products along the cold chain process.

All modes of transportation need to maintain steady ambient conditions and be as cost effective as possible for the vehicle carrying it. The quality and type of cold storage door best suited for ground transportation of temperature sensitive products commands careful and thoughtful consideration of several factors. Look at how automatic door operators can reduce safety and security risks associated with manually operated doors.

With the touch of a button, the driver can operate the doors from a safe distance without having to get in and out of the truck numerous times, which reduces the risk of falling. “From a driver’s perspective”, says 33 year veteran driver Richard Godwin2 of Jacksonville, Florida, “an automatic trailer door operator for a roll up door would be ideal.” Unlike hinged doors, it would allow you to back straight up to the bay door without having to open the trailer doors first. Product damage or personal injury from falling freight is nearly eliminated because if a box or two falls out, it’s already on the dock. It puts the driver level with the door instead of on the surface below.

“Another consideration not many people think about is that if you’re sitting in high traffic and can’t move, it could help prevent a highjacking situation” and keep looters from prying open the trailer doors and bolting faster than you can do anything about it. An automatic door operator would enhance security of any cold storage door by keeping unauthorized entry to a minimum in a variety of circumstances.

Automatic trailer door operators deploy a variety of sensors. Most models can easily be retro-fitted to upgrade existing doors. Implementing better climate control measures like these in line with CCQI3 Standards and Validation will raise the points needed to secure your certification4. Innovative automatic door operators in cold chain process from companies like Cold Chain LLC have a couple of perks besides comfort and convenience. Choosing optional tinted glass and a fire alarm could raise the bar for style as well as standards.