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HTML: Accurate & Concise (Paperback)


 Jennifer Niederst

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Paperback: 122 pages
Publisher: O'Reilly (24 April 2002)
Language: French
ISBN-10: 2841771571
ISBN-13: 978-2841771578

Product Descriptions
Level: Beginner reasoned

The tags are also essential to the Web at the entrance to a port area. This book is a small reference manual elements and attributes HTML. It reads in its first part as a directory, starting a tag identifying an anchor in a document and ending indicating that a break in a word. Each tag is the subject of a brief definition of his role and an indication of compatibility with different browsers. The elements are then grouped into the second part of the project following their functionality, which helps them find a more rational. In addition, there are examples and tables showing the reference entities or characters of different colors. Once Conventions writting treated, this book, thanks to its size but also its content is useful as an aide-memoire for developers confirmed, but also and above all as an excellent basis for synthetic beginners motivated. — François Serge – This text refers to a book not available for this title.

Back Cover
This second edition of HTML-clear & concise soon be indispensable to all web professionals and those who are interested in particular.
The author explains each HTML element and provides detailed information on their attributes. How these tags are supported by different browsers complete description (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera, and their compatibility with HTML 4.01). To enable you to move quickly to the basics, HTML elements are listed in alphabetical order and an index of elements and attributes can easily find the required entry.
Finally, examples of structure of documents and pages classics are also presented, as well as tables entities Character HTML 4.01 decimal conversion / Hexadecimal.