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Improve your relations with the Enneagram and NLP


Addressing the disharmony in relationships, understanding the personality of our stakeholders and create empathy

Vincenzo Fanelli 
Buy It improves your relationship with the Enneagram and NLP

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Book – 167 Pages 
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The purpose of this book is to provide a practical and effective means to activate the special ability to be able to get along with anyone, can understand the workings of the mind of your partner, your way of thinking and seeing the world, to anticipate their emotional reactions and his behavior, you can create empathy with the most "difficult". 

L ‘Enneagram is an ancient system that allows us to understand his personality and that of those around us, and the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a discipline that helps people to achieve excellence. 

Their merger creates a powerful system to improve our relations with others. 

In this manual for easy reference will learn: 

– What is the Enneagram 

– The basics of NLP 

– How to understand the type of the Enneagram of your partner 

– How to tune in on his "communication frequency" 

– How to build relations with each type of the Enneagram 

– How to decode non-verbal gestures 

– How to use "words that fascinate. 

Vincenzo Fanelli, Master Trainer of NLP (at the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming FL – USA), corporate trainer, and writer skilled in effective communication, dealing with NLP and personal development since 1993 .. Her background covers several disciplines: NLP, nonverbal communication, Enneagram of psychological types, effective communication, positive thinking, self control, Motivation, discipline and oriental techniques (Dynamics and Transcendental Meditation) and is passionate about Quantum Physics. Loves to create links between different disciplines, giving rise to unusual methods.