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Introduction to NLP


How to understand and be understood better by using Neuro-Linguistic Programming – New edition

Jerry Richardson 
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NLP Italy – Alessio Roberti Editore 
Book – 288 Pages 
Size: 15×23 
Year: 2008 
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This book is designed for all people who want to start the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming by one of the most exciting areas: improving the ability to understand and be understood. 

Managers, teachers, counselors, administrators, supervisors of all professions, advertising, public relations specialists, vendors and other professionals benefit greatly from learning the strategies and techniques presented in this book. 

This work includes about 30 years of research on communication strategies adopted by some of the most effective communicators in the world. 

Among the various arguments, principles and techniques of NLP to: 

understand better who we are facing; 

put people in a positive mood; 

more easily obtain the cooperation of others; 

manage aggressive behavior. 

Agile, immediate, full of information and ideas to put into practice what you’ve learned. 

Jerry Richardson – Consultant of interpersonal communication, trainer, business coach, business consultant. Has developed numerous training programs and management for sales, customer service and human resources.