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Is Your Computer Ready For Disaster

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DRaaSAsk anyone if they are prepared to lose everything on their computer and you will get a mixed bag of predictable responses. Most will be honest and say “No”, and then follow up with an excuse on why they have not prepared for the event. Every once in a while you can find a tech-savvy individual who may have even gone as far as creating a bootable ISO of data recovery operating systems to be used in case of their computer crashing. And somewhere in the middle are folks who pay for anti-virus and some sort of online backup and believe they are all set. But that is personal use. What about business solutions? Sadly enough to say, these practices most of the time carry over into businesses. Unfortunately, it will only be after a disaster that people learn that DIY data recovery is an even larger disaster than the actual loss of data.

Disaster recovery as a service is something that was not even a main concern for businesses just a few years ago. But as we move more and more towards a data-centric society, online backup and restoration has become a central tenet for smooth operation. Every few weeks a new service pop-ups. Within a few weeks the rant and rave reviews start to spill out onto the internet. Recently one that has caught everyone’s eye is VaultScape, which offers an impressive list of data recovery and protection services.

If you follow any data breaches over the past few years you may have noticed the escalation in SQL injection attacks. VaultScape just so happens to offer SQL server protection. While other online backup and cloud backup services scramble to add new features, VaultScape Enterprises has created and rewritten the standards for Disaster Recovery Services. And naturally, they focus first on preventative measures first; something that similar companies do not do. Other online backup providers can do just that, backup your files. When it comes to disaster recovery, the service they provide is minimal.

Offering free online backup, and free server backup, it should be increasingly harder every day to find companies, and personal users, that are not taking advantage of their all-encompassing service. has put an end to the piecemeal tactic of data backup and recovery. Finally, all of those tools and services can be found in one place. So now begins the rave reviews.