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 Jacqueline H. Osterrath

Our Price: 4.40 EURO
Category: Science Fiction
Size: 354 KB

ISBN: 2-7544-0194-6
Publisher: Eons productions
Publishing date: September 13, 2005

Introducing the editor:
Melissa finds himself up overnight co-heir with his two cousins and Detlev Nolte, and his cousin Cyane, Karthago, a large and thriving area on the planet Herbst. However, to deserve this legacy, everyone must stay on this distant world.

Upon said, is… And soon, very soon, things take a strange turn.
To begin with, there are these indigenous extraterrestrials though perfectly humanoid: Not only do they occupy two planets despite their primitive civilization, but they would be more interfeconds with Earthlings. Cyane itself, mestizo, said to be living proof.
Then, newcomers must cope with the shenanigans of Jeremy Talbot, an arriviste ready to do anything to take the field.