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La N

 Ivan Yefremov
Our Price: 8.40 EURO
 Category: Science Fiction
 Size: 550 KB
 ISBN: 2-7544-0099-0
 Publisher: Eons productions
 Publishing date: 12 January 2005
 Introducing the editor:
 Ring, a vast network of communication airwaves, connects Earth to many other planets in the galaxy, even if the information put years – and sometimes centuries – to pass.

The Tantra, returning from an expedition astral, found trapped by the gravitational field of a star black hidden within an opaque cloud. Sacrifiant its fuel reserves, the crew managed to land the aircraft on a planet orbiting the star.
The astronauts will not only discover the wreckage of an Earth vessel disappeared for nearly a century, but also a mysterious nave discoid matching no peoples members of the ring.