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Mathematics and sexual difference

Overall best students that boys, girls are reluctant to pursue scientific studies, confirms a survey released on March 26. It is in search of possible explanations for this phenomenon that the text is devoted. Following the issuance of Mathematics explained to my daughters – in which I did not address this subject – I have answered some questions Veronica Soule, a journalist with Liberation. Some Charvet (1) mobilized his pen early in a lengthy text which destroyed me (Liberation of 2 April). Here I am canonized male chauvinist. Since then, vilainement ostracized, I land, shameful. The remarks – and intentions – that Charvet me ready, falling to nothing and that I wrote or what I think, dishonesty and bad faith he has shown m'interdisent any dialogue with him. So I will only do what we could do together during an exchange.
I never thought, said or written that women had less aptitude than men to do math. I said, certain characteristics of mathematics are perceived as violent by a significant portion of the population. I hypothesized that this "violence" could explain why fewer women than men in mathematics, while their overall level is at least equal to that of men. I say that not liking math is not a defect or a sign of inferiority.
Do not confuse different and higher. The difference and hierarchy are two separate concepts, mathematics, which have identified two concepts and created two distinct signs, knows that. Different, which means "not the same" and ">" which means superior. The first, like the equal sign, its opposite, exists everywhere, the second existing only in certain sets, sets ordered.

The real "two" is to take account of a pair (2), neither of whose members can not be defined by the other, as is the case if one of them is defined as "contrary on the other. " That is the real difference, not to depend on each other to define. How to make a difference does not produce a hierarchy? How can that differences do not universal and how that universal does not build on the death of differences? The dominant groups have always used these differences to "legitimize" the hierarchy of society to their advantage. History has repeatedly shown.

Apart from the sexual consequences, such as the role of each sex in procreation, it is a question I pose, and that I will continue to ask me in spite of political commissars: sexual difference she consequences that are not entirely attributable the cultural, social, economic, political? There are only individuals summary for thinking that since you have admitted the existence of such differences, we militerait sit for a little more domination by the bite on the clitoris. The women, as women, have a genius, that all societies are bullied. This genius who based their "difference". And if it is a revolution that could radically change societies, it is one that would allow this difference can flourish and create new reports. And this presupposes the existence between men and women of a "difference"… non-hierarchical. And math in all this? The disciplines also have their differences, each with its own characteristics that define and give it his genius. For mathematics, their hardship, terrible and beautiful precision (one word changed in a definition and it becomes obsolete), their truth "hammer" (which is not true is false), their truths insensitive to time. Features about which one can speak of the "violence" of maths, felt by a large portion of the population. This violence can be felt more strongly and a greater proportion of women than men and partly explain the disaffection of recent studies in mathematics?

(1) Charvet, a member – undoubtedly important – the Ministerial Committee for reflection on the image of women in the media. (2) Mathematics, yet they know the couple distinguish the pair. A couple is given in the order of two parts, one pair is given the two elements regardless of order. These couples fight for the benefit of pairs.