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Mathematics for Engineers


The authors of the book known to American mathematicians already familiar Soviet readers. E. Bekkenbah – a compendium of "Mathematics for Engineers" (M., IL, 1958), Robert Bellman – on the books "Theory of sustainability solutions of differential equations" (M., IL, 1954), "Dynamic programming" (M. IL, 1960), etc. The main contents of a new book inequalities are established in recent years and relevant to the various sections of Mathematics (matrix algebra theory operators, etc.). Of particular interest is the description of the new functional-analytical methods and search for evidence of inequality. The systematic presentation and the richness of the specific material you can use the book as a kind of guide for mathematicians different specialties, as well as for the mechanics, physicists and engineers researchers. It will be useful to teachers, graduate students and students of mathematical and physical faculties of universities, pedinstitutov and technical high schools, as well as employees of computer centers.

Collection targets for differential equations.
The book includes material for the exercises at the rate differential equations for universities and technical high schools with higher mathematical program. In this publication added tasks proposed on written examinations for Mechanics and Mathematics Department of

Prior to the issuance of the English in 1934, the original proposed Russian reader books G. Hardy, Littlewood J. and G. Polya, in the world of mathematical literature did not exist monograph devoted inequality as such. The appearance of the book has enhanced interest in the inequality among mathematicians and created a series of new works in the field. Despite the fact that many of those reviewed in this book inequalities appear as a support apparatus in existing in Russian books on various issues, and despite the fact that the choice of material in the proposed book of necessity restricted and far does not contain all types of inequalities, used in the analysis, this book has been very useful not only to those readers who are interested in inequality as a special subject of mathematical study, but the fact that inequality is an essential tool in the study of other issues.

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