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Meaning algorithm

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I. Introduction
An algorithm is a rule, it is expressed by a continued orderly guidelines composed of actions and decisions that must be carried out in sequence following a strict sequence to accomplish a given spot, according to a specification.

In an automatic, logical sequence of tasks constitute the algorithm of its overall function.
The algorigramme reproduced in a graphical language standardized all paths of logical reasoning that determines the composition of the algorithm.

II. Structures algorithmic

Symbol Designation
  Subprogram – Portion program considered a simple operation.
  Starters – Output Availability of information to treat or registration information processed.
  Preparation – Operation which partially or completely determine the way forward in a branch or sub program.
   Junction – exploitation of varying conditions involving choosing a path among several.
  Beginning in late interruption or an organizational point of control, etc. …
  Operation or group of operations on data, instructions, etc. …, or for which there is no standard symbol.

II-A. Sense conventional routes
The general sense lines liaison must be:
* Top to bottom
* Lr

II-B. Two examples of structures algorithmic
Prime example
This is Oscar's mother who calls and tells him:
Oscar course quickly to the grocery store, bought me a bar of butter, took the money in my purse, you dress well because it is cold.

If you create an application according to the specifications at our disposal, and this without creating the algorigramme, it will follow the following:
Oscar goes to the grocery store, calls for butter,
conditionnel1 treatment (Tc1) happens to the money?
No, not money,
then he returned to seek money,
conditionnel1 treatment (Tc1), happens to the money?
yes, then it takes butter, (T2c2) is he dressed?
No, back home are again, dressing,
go to the grocery store, the first Tec, answer yes, the second Tec, answer yes, return home and give butter a mother. END

This may seem sewn white wire for some, yet how often happens to resume a programme was simply because we had forgotten label, leaf, or a response to an error message.

This small example wants to show you q'un program is a logical sequence of events which s'enchaine to each other as a link in a chain of bicycle, and that if it lacks a link, or if the link n It is not in his seat, and the chain derailed.