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NLP with Children – Parent’s Guide


Techniques, values and behaviors to enhance security and confidence in your children

Eric Paz de la Parra 
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Book – 244 Pages 
Size: 17×24 
Year: 2005-2008 
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This text is a reference point to help their children succeed in life. The author proposes the mental programming, as one of the tools that can facilitate positive attitudes and beliefs that help the child to achieve the objectives, starting from scientific fact and ample evidence that the mind is a fascinating organ that works only through programming (interior and external). 

This book applies the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mind Mapping to develop a method that balances the growth of children, focusing on functionality and sensitivity of individual development. It ‘a practical book, which includes questionnaires, tools and exercises, is designed for those who want to educate their children in an environment of harmony, acceptance and respect. 

A parent is also a guide, a counselor, a friend, a coach, a companion, a doctor and a lot more to the person in his life he called his son. 

And ‘normal to have doubts: "I will be prepared for this job? What does being a parent? I remember what it means to be a child? ". 
Every parent has the commitment to give his son all the tools to reach a full and satisfying life, and should then ask "Who is my son? Which intelligences perception has developed and / or are developing? What are your preferences and why? ". 

Eric Paz de la Parra – E ‘a researcher and president of Colinde Group, which manages programs for the development of quality and excellence. Graduated with honors in Communications and Public Relations at the University Latin American, and Psychology at the State University of California, won several Masters in Human Resources Administration and Management. In addition to a doctorate in psychology from Cambridge University, is an instructor of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and quick learning.