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pic4The personal elements related to the organization of the technological resources of a school are:

– Teachers and students. Teachers and students can use audio-visual resources and information for different purposes:

– To prepare classes or as supplementary material for the oral presentations or perhaps Cisco training courses.
– As a medium around which to develop a specific activity of learning.
– As a tool to perform various activities: calculations, notes, for information, writing jobs.

– The management team. The skills of the members of the management team regarding the technological means pear is of paramount importance to ensure good organization of resources and effective functioning of the classroom.

Management should ensure the necessary space available and sufficient time allocation for the coordinators and promote training and information activities aimed at teachers.

Periodically review the operation of the service and considered in the school budget expenditure required for maintenance of equipment and the purchase of consumables and small new curricular material.

– Non-teaching support staff. These are the people who perform some work related to the conservation of the classrooms and maintenance of technology resources:

– Caretakers.
– Cleaning staff.
– Technical maintenance of equipment.

Their work and good relationship with the coordinators is essential for the smooth operation of the service and potential or all automatic door operators.

– The coordinators. To be able to work people to develop the coordination of classroom technology resources required:

– Setup time, management support and acceptance by teachers.
– Willingness of the organization and work systematically.
– Understanding of technical appliances and their use.
– Pedagogical.

The tasks to develop the coordinator are:

– HAVE THE EQUIPMENT AND ALWAYS INTRANET CENTER POINT: installation and maintenance of equipment.

– Provide assistance and advice to the teacher in matters of installation and use of software, Internet, Intranet use …- advise teachers on the problems presented to them in applying new technologies.

– Acts as liaison between school, government and other institutions in the environment, communication with other centers and resource centers.

– ADVICE TO TEACHERS TEACHING on the use of these resources, provide information on new materials, methods of use, etc. .. In short, drive innovations.

– Inventory and storage resource management (hardware and software): preparation of the inventory and maintenance records

– Update the inventory catalog-digital curriculum materials: software, videos …

– Evaluate available training materials (multimedia programs, videos, hosted exchange archive providers …)

– Manage the schedule for the use of computer rooms and the rules of use , ensuring the coordination and optimization of these spaces

– Monitor the book cost of each classroom, teachers should record the problems they have had with the equipment over its working sessions with students.

– Manage the maintenance and repair of computers with the contractors: failure to give the parties, to monitor the repairs …

– Review bracket of equipment: – proof of audiovisual equipment, computer, review of the intranet, antivirus checks and cleaning of the computer disc …

– Update the inventory sheets and maintenance of hardware, where all repairs are noted and other events that have computers and peripherals.

– Conduct training and information sessions with faculty from the center to form on the use of equipment and programs and report the available curriculum materials. Sometimes also produced fact sheets, small manuals and user guides.

– Support for technical training of teachers teaching

– Technical support teachers in the design and production of multimedia materials using open programs or simple authoring systems and the development of teaching guides for commercial programs available …

– Dissemination and exchange of materials produced by teachers.

– Prepare budgets and equipment related to computer support, and advise the Directorate on issues central NTIC.

– To provide technical support to the various services of the center: secretarial, library …

– Provide technical support to the commission to prepare and perform maintenance of the web center.

– Support outreach efforts to the community cultural center: digital literacy of citizens.

Installation and maintenance of equipment will: