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Precision Test Specimens



A wide range of Precision Test Specimens is available
in forms suitable for
A variety of test machines.

Tensile Specimens

  • Slow Bend & Impact Specimens

  • Parallel Ended Specimens

  • Shoulder Ended Specimens

  • Torsion Specimens

  • Izod Square and Round Cantilever Test Specimens

  • Charpy Beam Specimens

  • Creep Specimen

The essential requirement of any given test specimen is that
results should Be predictable. At TecQuipment Limited considerable attention is
taken to ensure as uniform a product as possible.

The range of specimens has been carefully selected to enable the student to
examine and compare the properties of a wide variety of important Engineering
materials, and remove the difficulty in producing a small Quantity of specimens
from odd pieces of material of doubtful composition And thermal history.

Over recent times, we have been forced to rationalise our range of test
specimens as in many cases material specifications have become extremely
difficult to obtain or even obsolete.

Our customers of long standing will therefore recognise that several ranges And
many individual specimens have been deleted from the current range of Test

The Extensometer and Jominy ranges have been discontinued and
unfortunately we are not able to offer alternatives. However, in other Ranges
where specimens have been discontinued, often there may be Satisfactory
alternatives. To assist in the selection of specimens we have Up-dated and
re-issued full data sheets, which now include typical mechanical Properties and
chemical composition. The wall chart and the laboratory Handbook entitled
"Tensile and Impact Properties of Metals and Polymers" by

Dr. B. Noble where all characteristic test results of our current specimens In
addition, many more are shown and discussed will be re-issued in early 1996.

The range of Test Specimens is an integral part of the TQ range of equipment and
it is intended to introduce new specimens into the range in the future. In the
meantime, if you find yourself in difficulty please contact the TQ Customer
Service Department and we will do our very best to help.

Abbreviations used

  • OQ & T Oil Quenched and Tempered

  • LD Low Density

  • HD High Density

  • S/T Solution Treated

  • HC High Conductivity