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Programming in Java (1C


 Claude Delannoy

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Paperback: 799 pages
Publisher: Eyrolles; edition 5th edition (October 11, 2007)
Language: French
ISBN-10: 2212122322
ISBN-13: 978-2212122329

Product Descriptions
Presentation of the publisher

In this book, Claude Delannoy applies to the Java language teaching approach that has made the success of his books on the C and C + +. It places special emphasis on good understanding of concepts object and the acquisition of programming methods stringent. The language learning takes place in four stages: learning the basic syntax, mastery of the subject in Java programming, introduction to graphical programming and events with the library Swing, introduction to web development with Java Servlets and JSP.

Each new concept and function of each language are illustrated comprehensive programs whose source code is provided on the CD-ROM accompanying. The development environment Eclipse, also provided on the CD-Rom, you will test these examples and develop your own Java programs. The emphasis is on the 5th edition on new versions 5 and 6 of Java Standard Edition: programming generic types listed, annotations (new chapter), new opportunities for class File, Grouplayout new manager, new interfaces and classes collections (Queue, Deque, ArrayDeque, NavigableSet, NavigableMap), features to professionalize an application (classes and Desktop Console, action on the taskbar system). When necessary, the code examples were provided in two versions: a version exploiting new opportunities for Java SE 5 and 6 and a version compatible with earlier versions.

Biography of the author
Engineer scientist at CNRS, Claude Delannoy has extensive practical training and higher education. Known for the quality of their educational approach, its books on languages and programming totaled over 250 000 copies sold .