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Programming in Visual Basic

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I. Introduction
The first task that we are going to study because one of the easiest is to create a screen of copyright (Copyright).
This screen will be used to screen presentation to each application that you create.
The display of copyright will identify the author of the application and years of copyright, and will display the logo of your company or organization. We can possibly provide a serial number "intelligent" to create a protection software sophisticated enough to repel the majority of code breakers.

Although this first task is slight, it will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of Visual Basic without worry about issues and concepts of programming concepts applied in more complex achievements.

II. Startup
II.1. Starting Visual Basic

Before you can start writing your screen presentation of copyrights, you must start Visual Basic. (We assume it is already installed on your machine)

II.2. To start Visual Basic:
Click the Start button bar spots.
In the Start menu, point to Programs. In the list of Programs, point to Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (or possibly Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0)

The screen copyright Visual Basic appears momentarily, then the New Project dialog box opens (Figure 1.1)

The first window that appears when you start Visual Basic offers to choose the type of application you want to create.
Select the icon marked the first Exe standard located in the "New" and then click the "Open" button to display a new project.
The screen for creating Visual Basic appears.

Figure 1-1

Exe.standard idea "is the most common model to achieve the most basic applications under Visual

III. The interface working Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition
Like all the leaves under Windows platform interface work is presented with a title bar, followed by a menu bar and a toolbar. Various open window after the desired configuration, namely the most used, the toolbox, the worksheet (Form1), the project window, the window of ownership.