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 Alain Le Bussy

Our Price: 4.40 EURO
Category: Science Fiction
Size: 311 KB

ISBN: 2-7544-0169-5
Publisher: Eons productions
Publishing date: February 22, 2005

Introducing the editor:
Freddy is a citizen of the Empire french prevailing in Europe since Napoleon, on an Earth that has not yet discovered the "heavier than air." So where do these helicopters hunted population and abducting his wife and children?
Hence the fate of Colonel Hubert Izernore, Marquis of Inteville, for whom France has won the War of seven years and never knew the Revolution?
Not to mention Jacques Reusard, a native of a French Republic successor to the overthrow of Napoleon in 1812…

From a portal to another, Freddy remain among Néanderthaliens, then Neuwien, capital of a triumphant Reich, before making a passage in a department of the Var where one moves the steam engine…
Above this fray: Dimensions of Engineers, which shall neutralize any unintended rupture between continuums.