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The Best Chrome extensions


Yesterday, the extension directory of Google Chrome was made available to the public. Meanwhile, there are also many hundreds of extensions to the direct and free download. One quickly loses track of everything, because there are no categories. So here’s the top 10 extensions for the mini-browser from Google.
Forecastfox Weather


Forecastfox Weather uses the U.S. on-line weather service AccuWeather. The advantage of AccuWeather against other major services is the worldwide availability. One finds there actually villages of Germany, which have fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. However, there are problems with accented characters, so you must write without diacritics (Lübeck -> Lubeck).

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The IE Tab extension integrates desire or the Internet Explorer from Microsoft in Chrome. Sounds funny? But makes sense, because there is not just a few pages, which have better functionality when they are calling with IE. A very good example is Outlook Web Access, which looks really awful with all other browsers.

Who is used as the main browser that does not install this extension, because IE Tab is already an integral part of this browser.

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The only Twitter client that supports secure OAuth. If you want to use Twitter on Chrome, you should absolutely use Kutano.

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Session Manager

We know already from Opera and Firefox: Click on the Close icon and you will be asked if you want to save for the still open tabs / windows to be able to call them the next browser restart. With Session Manager, you have to save more during the operation, the browser "session", but everything else is equal.

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Who can start with no advertising and does not want to support site operators may also install one of the many ad-blocker. The current ad blocker for Chrome extensions offered the advertising does not block, but just hide them. The page load time is not improved it. If you want to use an effective ad blocker and can reconcile this with his conscience, but rather should then install Chrome Plus . This web browser (based on a current version of Chromium) has a real advertising blocker. Disadvantage of the "homemade" versions of Chromium: These are a lot slower than Chromium or Google Chrome.

Who wants to help block annoying Flash advertising, you should absolutely install Flashblock.

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If you like to hear oldies will know with certainty. The free online radio service offers 24 hours the best of the 1950s – 1970s music. The expansion NetOldies playlist displays the current music playlist. Which track is currently running and which title went to 10 minutes.