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The Clones Portal


 Jean-Pierre Julhes

Our Price: 2.39 EURO
Category: Science Fiction
Size: 234 KB

Publisher: Home JPJ
Publishing date: October 31, 2007

Introducing the editor:
The initial objective of doves Portal was on track to resolution, but members of all TOPLA advancing age, and the reflection turning, increasingly, around the death and the unknown future that accompanied it.

These reflections on the death group had focused on the experiences of NDE (Near Death Experiment), called EMI in french (Death Experience Imminente).

I would go nearly so far as to say that the very fact that EMI could return us to explain all this is "wanted", indicating in some way in which direction we need to increase our knowledge, and also to skip locks of too many religious taboos.
But why all this eventually, if not to test the ability of a race living like ours to evolve enough to access knowledge "ultimate". However, the "ultimate" is certainly a term too definitive, because there are probably several steps, beyond the tunnel.
I propose then to experience the real death, left to finalize my life at stake, but on condition that my body is kept cold for giving me a tiny chance to return it to me if possible.