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The contrast mathematical Institute Toulouse teacher training

teacherJean-François Grelier has just returned critics of the Graduate Institute of teacher training to their grandchildren calculations by signing a manual "To help the teaching of mathematics" to students CE2, CM1 and CM2.
"We are often accused of ourselves to think, to be intellectuals without contact with the ground, absent from classes and their concerns. This teamwork developed during two years with teachers is proof to the contrary, "says one who led this work
The recent report by the OECD Pisa denounced the supposed through education in France, which favours "reflection" among students at the expense of learning by doing "read, write and count."This manual, commissioned by the Regional Centre of educational materials, offers 50 activities for students to catch up with delicacy mathematics. True toolbox teaching, he exhibited two or three ways to address the same question, the same problem to give them a chance to finally understand.
It was enough that a professor of IUFM so a manual to justify the institution, then either …
Yet what is beautiful lurette since the same time defunct colleges …
Manuals, there are good, zero, heavy and very chiants … You can learn quite without … Schools normalisaient normal (albeit not that much, pedagogy Freinet had sometimes freedom of the city ..) IUFM technicisent and … market …
Finally, the direct relationship with the ground (what ugly word) is above all instits they have … They may have their names on 4èm couv.

Written by: Pascal
GLv, you write: "The recent report by the OECD Pisa denounced the supposed through education in France, which favours thinking among students against the practice of learning to read, write and count. "
How can you think for a moment that read, write and count can be taught without thinking on the part of students?
In my view, teaching in France focuses on the dispersal reflection. And IUFM are not for nothing.

Written by: Philippe
Again, the irrational hatred that trigger trainers IUFM destroyed leaves me … What can I say? Except that when a trainer is in a class, because it is not the class, precisely, he learns what he needs to train trainees (how shall students, in particular, and how his colleagues carry School teachers, with whom he discusses and he can observe). As the petty remark on taxes, it is staggering: nobody asks a university professor or a journalist to distribute his books free. Especially that many trainers do, and visits to classes and research without being paid for it (= while not teachers researchers).

Written by: Christine Moulin
I do not see how these remarks are the "irrational hatred" … The IUFM have a story included in that of the abdication of the "left" before the Capital and which dates from 1984 with the end of the draft public service unified education … The problem was no longer the economy, the school could do everything … It had to adapt to the market . The IUFM are a creation of "differentiated Jospinie" which Mérieu to Allègre has done more for a return to the Order and the conservatism in compartmentalising and "technisisant" pedagogy that the right itself …. All in a world increasingly rotten by money … It was created commissions, missions, dismantled the constitution, divided into several instits body … etc. In short we played the competition …
Meanwhile the real working conditions of teachers in classes that have deteriorated .. No matter for Jospinie relayed by the NEI. Repression, control reinforced by the intermediary of the project schools formatted, increased bureaucracy were the new tools "New policy at the School" of "comrade" Lionel.
The instits were conservatives, the new PE they show the hierarchical teamwork.
Against the backdrop of insecurity in all sectors we got to maintain this fantasy of an opposition between "conservative" and "pédagos." The IUFM is living as the citadel assiégiée held by the latter . While defending the IUFM? There are quite a few who persist in instits first defend their working conditions which are also those students. Rather than defend a fantasy …
Written by: Arthur
having met Mr. Grelier at pédagoggiques animations in Toulouse, I can confirm the contents of the article: Like many teachers of IUFM (I am thinking in particular to Grandaty M), it is close to the ground, these concerns are practical and theory . It is an excellent teacher, like most of those whom we cross at its training.
Critics of the IUFM is often an ideological posture right or extreme right (see the site of FHaine or informers SOS)