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The new math courses offered everywhere

The confusion around the new course of mathematical fourth secondary result of the reform seems dissipated. The Ministry of Education unfreeze the money so all schools can offer the three sequences of courses, avoiding the smallest having to sacrifice.
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From September 2008, finished the Math 416 for the weakest, and Math 436 for the strongest. The fourth secondary students follow a sequence of courses in mathematics and science, selected according to their interests.
Wonderful in theory, said the schools, except that in practice, the number of students could not compose three distinct groups of mathematics. Several schools, especially in the regions, had therefore decided to offer only two of the three sequences, Culture, Society and technical Technico-sciences or natural sciences.

In a letter dated March 3, including Le Soleil has obtained a copy, the Ministry of Education announced that schools will be helped. "To ensure that students of Quebec as a whole can all benefit from learning that meets their needs, the 2008-2009 budget rules include a special measure to ensure funding that will enable each school secondary, offering its students a choice between the three sequences of mathematical, "wrote Pierre Bergevin, Assistant Deputy Minister for preschool education and primary and secondary education.

In the aftermath, the Ministry of Education puts an end to the suspense and ensures that sequences Technico-sciences and natural sciences will give "equal access to all educational programs, college, pre-university or technical." The Federation of Teachers' Unions, which had denounced the lack of schools, welcomed. "It is expected that all media can offer the three sequences and we will make sure," said its president, Johanne Fortier.

At the school board Beauce-Etchemin, where three of the eight schools had to resign to give only two sequences, there is also pleased with the new if, of course, it materializes in cash and trébuchantes! "It's really the ideal of providing the three sequences to reach more students and give them a taste of maths and science," says Marie Labbé, educational services.