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The stones dream


 Laurent Whale

Our Price: 4.40 EURO
Category: Science Fiction
Size: 324 KB

ISBN: 978-2-7544-0306-1
Publisher: Eons productions
Publishing date: September 12, 2006

Introducing the editor:
"The appearances are often misleading, this is one of the first rules I learned. So when a blonde bereaved, carrossée as an interceptor buréen, just ask for assistance, you subodorez a sacred galère! "
In a world where nostalgia is dying, the reality is that it sham?
A truth may hide another. The parallel worlds intersect and do not necessarily look alike. Nelson will plunge. Survey. Getting drowns. Y relives. In this carousel of death, names tourbillonnent, but that are the names, if not put labels on wind?

Since the space colonies to the caves Bura-Pela, through the slums of New Angeles, his trip turned tragic vinegar. A mad rush for the truth. A race for life.
And why live if you do not dream?
Between grinçant humour and settling of accounts, Nelson, walks his nonchalance of another age in the face of his contemporaries exasperated. There is the acid in his scotch. And that makes it really bad hair, Nelson.