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The unique technique of thought patterns


The system to stimulate creativity, food memory and enhance learning – NLP

Eric De La Parra Paz – Maria del Carmen Madero Vega 
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The thought process is chaotic and confused. The thoughts do not follow a linear direction or logic but are the product of about one million chemical processes that take place every second in brain cells (neurons). Often when I work or study or seek to solve a problem, we force our thoughts into a logical format that is unnatural for the brain and restricts the production of learning and ideas. 

The technique of thinking patterns is based on knowledge, experiences and recent findings on the human brain, the techniques of rapid learning, development of memory and creativity. It can provide to those who apply better use of mental abilities to achieve their goals and objectives. 

The mindset is a new and powerful technique for graphing and symbolic, combining imagination and creativity, you can structure the information, which is what you receive what is transmitted. This innovative method allows to synthesize ideas and concepts in graphic form by making them more similar to the processes of learning and development of our brains. 

Being closely related to mental functioning, use of mental models may be useful in any activity which involves both thought and creativity. Indeed, the most common applications cover notes, summaries, study, planning of activities, ideas, problem solving, presentations and personal development. 

Eric Paz de la Parra - E ‘a researcher and president of Colinde Group, which manages programs for the development of quality and excellence. Graduated with honors in Communications and Public Relations at the University Latin American, and Psychology at the State University of California, won several Masters in Human Resources Administration and Management. In addition to a doctorate in psychology from Cambridge University, is an instructor of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and quick learning.