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Web diagram with Fireworks


Starting price: 0.69 EUR

Price: 1.99 EUR

Offer end:

31.12.2009 20:36: 06

server time (8T 21Std 24Min) 
Forwarding expenses:
3.95 EUR 
Dispatch after: Germany

Article location:
37115 Duderstadt, Germany

In addition they have the following possibilities:

Beginning of offer:
17.12.2009 20:36: 06 server time
Starting price: 0.69 EUR

Offer duration: 14 days

Payment options:
To transfer, cash payment during collection, Auvito trust service, see description
Minimum price:
With this auction a minimum price is present. Salesmen have the possibility of indicating a minimum price for your auctions. 

This is an amount, which the salesman would like to reach at least for his offered article. If the minimum price with the delivered requirements is not reached, the auction without buyers ends and is terminated or with activated resetting again adjusted. 

If the minimum price was reached, the highest requirement is considered as valid requirement delivery and the Hochstetler receives the addition.